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I believe that music lives in all of us. We only need to carve out a path, and sometimes a guide can be helpful! I work with people of all ages as a music mentor, cheerleader, teacher, creative ambassador, and friend. 


I am passionate and creative, and I love sharing my creative work with other people. I am also passionate about encouraging other creators to do the same! It is in this spirit that I champion shows for original artists, facilitate workshops, and pursue my personal creative visions. As I plant seeds, and add sunlight and water (so to speak), I hope to be part of an important creative movement.

About Me

I was born and raised in Arizona, and have been living in Ventura since 2015.

I am classically trained on multiple instruments, but gravitate toward rock n' roll and folk music in my personal expression and teaching style. 


In addition to teaching you how to play an instrument, I can also guide you in writing and recording your original music! I am an experienced songwriter and composer and I continue to hone my skills as a home producer. Over the years I have assisted dozens of clients in writing, recording, producing, and distributing their music. 

My experience ranges from classical orchestral training, to playing barefoot at coffee shops and festivals, to ripping guitar solos in stilettos at dive bars! I have played in many bands of diverse styles, and currently put out original music under the moniker "River Ripley". 

Growing up in a family full of musicians, there were always instruments laying around and jam sessions being had. I began playing melodies by ear before receiving formal training, and went on to study viola, piano, guitar, and ukulele, (I also play bass and drums). 

Along the way, I have worked with churches and non-profits to facilitate programs for both adults and youth, and I continue to spearhead a variety of music programs within my community.  

For over 15 years, I have been working one on one with people of all ages as a private coach and music mentor, helping them to not only become proficient on their instruments, but to also build a positive, personal relationship with music. I have gradually developed my own curriculum, which helps guide my students toward their goals through performance and other practical applications. Our sessions are tailored to accommodate the personal goals and needs of the individual.

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