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How much do you charge?

Rates may vary depending on the service, but generally speaking, each thirty-minute lesson breaks down to $40. Upon signing up, you would prepay $160 for four, thirty-minute lessons and continue to renew in sets of four lessons until you choose to discontinue my services. My rates vary based on the service and the nature of our agreement, which I have broken down here. 

Can my multiple students split a half hour?

Every student needs their own dedicated thirty-minute slot. If I have the space available, I can try to book an hour slot so that the lessons are back-to-back. 

At what age can my child start taking lessons?

Both Star and myself work with children beginning at age 7, but rare exceptions may be made. If your child can read but is younger than age 7, we can schedule a consultation to assess whether or not they are ready to start learning an instrument. Consultations cost is $40.

Can you teach my child multiple instruments?

We strongly encourage students to commit to one instrument for a minimum of six months before switching to a new instrument. Most of our multi-instrumentalist students have committed to playing a primary instrument for many years before moving on to a new instrument. Learning music and laying a foundation for music is a process that takes time. That being said, if a student is learning guitar, piano, or ukulele, we may offer some light vocal instruction if they are interested in singing along with their instrument. The first instrument is always the priority, but we do encourage them to sing along if they feel comfortable doing so.

Can you be flexible with my schedule?

Because we are working with forty different clients at any given time, flexibility is limited. This program requires structure and consistency, which means that I do expect regular attendance at the day and time we have reserved. I charge for all cancellations, absences, and missed lessons. I have been doing this for fifteen years,  and I have learned that without an incentive to attend regularly, it simply does not work. I break this down further in my contract, which you can download and read here

Do you offer makeup lessons for absenses?

Our schedules are usually full and we only have spots available when people cancel or have scheduled absences. Make-up lessons are not guaranteed, but we do offer them when they are available. 

Can I do lessons every other week?

We require weekly attendance at the same day and time.

Where are you located?

We teach out of two separate locations in Ventura. Rachael's teaching space is near downtown Ventura, and Star's teaching space is in Midtown Ventura near the mall. 

Can I sit in on the lesson?

Parents and guardians are permitted to sit in on lessons if they desire, but students tend to have the most success when they can develop a personal rapport with their instructors. Students flourish when they take ownership of their musical journey, which I greatly encourage! That being said, for safety and peace of mind we will never deny parents or guardians who wish to sit in on their child's lessons. We completely understand parents wanting to check out our studio environments and teaching styles. We also want to set our students up for optimal success, which is why we recommend having your child attend lessons independently as time goes on. I do not allow parents to sit in on group rehearsals (for capacity reasons). You are welcome to drop your child off for their lesson and leave for and errand, so long as you return immediately when their appointment ends. We do not babysit friends or siblings – we can only accommodate our students.

When are your recitals?

Most of our concerts and events are booked at the beginning of the year. Students must be working with Rachael or Star for a minimum of six-months prior to the concert in order to be eligible to perform. Rare exceptions may be made at our discretion.

Do you work with adults?

Star works with young children only, and Rachael works with students seven years or older. While the majority of our students are children, Rachael loves getting to work with adults! 

How do we get started?

We currently have a wait list, but the best way to get started is by filling out this contact form via the link below. I will reach out when something opens up that matches your availability. When I do give you a potential slot, I reserve the right to offer that to someone else if I do not get a response within 24 hours. I do not reserve a spot until payment for the first four lessons is secured.

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