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On June 4th, I will be offering a FREE music production workshop via Zoom (for ages 15+). I am offering the workshop for FREE because these are things that I desperately wished I had learned when I was younger. I will be teaching and demonstrating concepts in GarageBand (because that is what most people have access to), but the concepts I will be teaching are transferrable to any DAW. GarageBand is nothing to scoff at – it can be a powerful tool if you know how to use it.

This workshop is intended to help give flight to your already vibrant and creative mind! As a principle in everything that I do related to teaching music, I approach with the idea that every tool is only a means to an end. A tool is only as good as the idea it is used to build. In this workshop, I am aiming to fuel and empower you in both your artistry and your craft. 


While you can find a million tutorials online, I have specifically designed this workshop to be a creative launchpad for songwriters and artists.

The class will come with a free E-book that will include all of the notes from the class, as well as links to resources and equipment for you to utilize later on.

Please contact me to register, and I will send you the Zoom link. All registered people will receive a link to the E-Book in the Zoom class.

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