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Last year I launched my first Rock n' Roll Academy program, which I affectionately called "School of Rock"! The program was popular and well received, and most importantly – the kids had a blast! Due to the enthusiastic reception, I've decided to continue the program quarterly, alternating between the two age groups: littles and tweens

Rock n' Roll Academy will stretch your child in their musicianship, as well as foster a sense of camaraderie with other musicians in their age range. They will learn how to tackle new songs at a fast pace, and will have an opportunity perform their songs as a bona-fide band at one of my annual student concerts. Real stage, real amps, real audience, real sound system, real bands! Additionally, the students may have opportunities to play with their band at future all-ages shows I will be curating. By the end of the program, your child will have acquired a variety of experiences and skills that will empower them to start their very own band, or to continue as alumni in future iterations of the program! 

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What Your Child Will Learn

In the next iteration of Rock n' Roll Academy, your child will learn four songs, for which all the materials will be provided (participants must provide their own instruments), in addition to eight weeks of hands-on coaching, rehearsals, and the final concert on December 9th (2-4pm). They will be stretched and challenged in a fun and dynamic environment with their peers. 


Wednesday, October 11th, 6-7pm


Wednesday, October 18th, 6-7pm

Wednesday, November 1st, 6-7pm

Wednesday, November 8th, 6-7pm

Wednesday, November 15th, 6-7pm


Wednesday November 29th, 6-7pm

Wednesday December 6th, 6-7pm

Wednesday December 13th, 6-7pm 

CONCERT DATE: December 16th, Noon - 3pm (rehearsal and performance)




1) Participants in this program must be between the ages of 7-11. I will be doing a teens round (ages 12-16) again in the Feb/March, but this one is just for the little kids. 


2) The program cost is $230 per person (price was recently adjusted to account for extended classes). This includes all of the classes, materials, and subsequent rehearsals prior to the Spring/Summer Concert, as well as production costs related to the concert. 


3) Everyone must have their own instrument to practice on at home, though a drum kit and amps will be provided for our weekly class and the concert.


4) While anyone can audition, my one-on-one students will be prioritized. Prior experience is required. Not everyone will get to participate this time around, but this is going to be a year round program. If your child doesn’t make the cut this time –– have them continue practicing! They might make the next one! 





  • Lead Guitarist - still accepting applicants

  • Rhythm Guitarist - still accepting applicants

  • Keyboard Player- still accepting applicants

  • Singer 1 - still accepting applicants

  • Singer 2- still accepting applicants

(Multi-instrumentalists are welcome! If your child has experience singing and playing simultaneously, let me know! If they play multiple instruments, I may have them bounce between different instruments.)

*Partial sponsorships may be available for qualifying applicants. 


Rachael Lynde

For most of my life, I have played with or facilitated many diverse bands. Playing with a band is hands-down my favorite context for writing and sharing my music! With Rock n' Roll Academy, I take everything I have learned from my experience, and use that knowledge to provide stream-lined, hands-on coaching.



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