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This year, RL MusiCali welcomes Star Margalit, who will take over teaching beginner ukulele and guitar students. Working closely together, Star and Rachael are excited to continue expanding this program to bring music and creativity to the community. 


Star grew up surrounded by music and has always been enamored with it. Her mother was a professional singer for over sixteen years, while Star, along with her dad and brothers, enjoyed playing guitar together. She and her father bonded over Pink Floyd's music and learned many of their songs together over the years.


Star has several years of guitar and piano lessons under her belt, and has also honed her skills on the ukulele this past year. Music is very special to her, as it is so expressive and conveys a wide range of feelings and emotions. She also loves that music brings people together. 

Star is currently accepting applications for beginner ukulele and guitar students. Students must be a minimum age of six or older. Her students will go through the RL MusiCali curriculum which was written and created by Rachael Lynde. Once completed, they will have the option of either continuing with Star or moving up to work with Rachael. All of Star's students will be able to participate in the annual concerts, including working with other kids to form bands and groups. 

Star's rate for four, thirty-minute lessons is $140.

For more information, please see the Q&A page





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